Jalapeño Margarita | jalapeño infused Sausa Gold tequila, agave, Gran Torres orange liqueur, lime juice; passion fruit or strawberry puree

Dalí 28  | rye whiskey, ginger, ginger ale, lemon juice

Coconut Martini | rum, Malibu pineapple liqueur, Gran Torres orange liqueur, coconut milk

La Flor  | Sausa Gold tequila, elder flower liquor, lime juice

Gala  | lavender-rosemary-infused vodka, gin, triple sec, orange flower water, rhubarb bitters

Ibiza  | citrus vodka, St. Germain, Licor 43, raspberry puree, lemon juice, cava float

Mango Mambo  | vodka, triple sec, mango puree, grapefruit & pineapple juices

Lavender Gimlet | lavender-rosemary-infused vodka, lime juice

Basil Pineapple Cocktail  | vodka, muddled basil, pineapple & lemon juices

¡ Cha Cha Cha !  | Bacardi rum, mint, lemon, lime, mango & pineapple juices, soda water

Strawberry Mojito  | Bacardi rum, muddled strawberries, lime & mint, lime juice

Spanish Kiss  | tequila, triple sec, lime juice, raspberry puree, sugared rim

Blackberry Açai Cosmo  | Veev Açai liqueur, cava, raspberry puree, blackberry syrup

Pepino Verde | vodka, St. Germain, cucumber & mint, lime juice, ginger ale

Absinthe | A melted sugar cube & ice water bring the "Green Fairy" to life

Vintage Cocktails

Blood and Sand | Dewars scotch, Cherry Herring brandy, sweet vermouth, orange juice

Spanish Sour* | whiskey, red wine, lime juice, egg white (raw )

Vesper Martini (James Bond - Casino Royale 1953)  | gin, vodka, Lillet Blanc

Negroni  | gin, sweet vermouth, Campari, soda water

French 75  | gin, cava, sugar, lemon juice

Corpse Reviver  | gin, Gran Torres orange liqueur, Lillet, dash of absinthe, lemon juice

Caipirinha (Brazil)  | Cachaça rum, muddled lime

Periodista (Havana 1948)  | rum, Gran Torres orange liqueur, apricot liqueur, lemon juice

Mojito (Cuba)
 | white rum, muddled lime & mint, soda water

Mai Tai  | dark rum, light rum, Gran Torres orange liqueur, amaretto, lime juice, pineapple juice, grenadine

Hemingway (Constantino Ribalaigna - Havana 1935)  | Bacardi Silver, maraschino liqueur lemon & grapefruit juices

Old Fashioned  | bourbon, club soda, Angostura bitters

Margarita | tequila, Gran Torres orange liqueur, lime juice

Sazerac  | rye whiskey, absinthe swirl, Peychaud bitters

The Avenue | Maker's Mark, Daron Calvados, passion fruit puree, dash of orange blossom water,
 dash of pomegranate syrup

Pisco Sour*  | Macchu Pisco brandy, lemon juice, egg white (raw ), Angostura bitters

* Indicates ingredients that are served raw or undercooked