On July 26, 2001, Tamara Bourso and Fernanda da Silva opened Cuchi Cuchi. Our space at 795 Main Street in Cambridge was extensively redesigned to personify the age of Old World Beauty and early Hollywood.

Our food is International, “straight-up” smaller plates to be paired and shared and the menu represents classic dishes – with our own twist – from other countries. Please don’t refer to CC’s dishes as “tapas” which are from Spain… our dishes are larger and we prefer to globe-trot.

The full-liquor bar serves signature drinks made of muddled fresh fruits and herbs, vintage cocktails, Clerico, Sangria and naughty Bottoms Up shots and the music and ambiance complement our diverse clientele.

A retro feel and glamorous staff are a further invitation to a fun, lively, and romantic evening with memorable food and transporting drinks. Thank you for the pleasure of your company.


Dali Restaurant & Tapas Bar  ~  Our Sister Restaurant

In 1989 Mario Leon and Tamara Bourso opened Boston’s first Spanish tapas restaurant.  Dali was the genesis for tapas-eating in this area.  We invite you for an evening in Spain. Click here to view website.