On the outskirts of Sevilla, in a tiny cafe bordering Utrera where farmers and lovers gather for a glass of something stronger than the sun, Antonio Machado was writing a letter to his beloved Carmelilla Montoya, “Should my arms ever become too weary to embrace you and keep you warm – it would be because I had no arms.” He sighed deeply and passionately gulped the last of the dry sherry that the bartender had put in front of him. Unfortunately, a very large bee had landed in the sherry, got stuck in Antonio’s throat, stung him severely and Antonio died an agonizing death, clutching the unfinished love letter while screaming, “Why didn’t someone put a lid on it!”  After that, all the bartenders in Andalucia covered sherry and wine glasses with bread and bits of food to honor Antonio.

Tapas Frias

Tapas Calientes (hot)

* Indicates dishes that are served raw or undercooked, or may contain an allergen
V = vegetarian
GF = gluten-free (ask server how to modify this dish to GF)

Please inquire about the gluten-free menu and inform your server of any other dietary restrictions